Repsol Honda Neox Ride-On Motorbike

The Repsol Neox Ride-On Motorbike is officially licensed by the Spanish energy multinational. Its extra-wide wheels are designed to give it even greater stability and facilitate its use for little ones. It has a handle that allows parents to carry it around easily.

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Repsol Honda Neox Ride-On Motorbike
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The Repsol Neox Ride-On Motorbike, manufactured by Injusa, has been reviewed by the technicians of the Spanish multinational Repsol and have passed all their quality, durability and aerodynamic performance tests. For Injusa, this approval of a job well done is a strong endorsement that encourages us in our continued Spanish manufacturing.
The minimum age recommended to enjoy this ride-on motorbike is from 18 months. It's designed so that your child, passionate about driving, feels like a genuine driver. Its design decoration is waterproof and permanent, being manufactured with IML technology and following the same style of the Repsol brand.
The ergonomic design of the ride-ons is made to accelerate your little one's motor skills, always with maximum safety and maximum comfort, giving peace of mind to parents. Of course, like all of Injusa's toys, it is manufactured in Spain and is certified by European safety regulation EN71.

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