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Where are the INJUSA products manufactured?

INJUSA products are manufactured in Spain, in the town of Ibi, Alicante.

Where can you find the nearest point of sale?

If you are interested in finding a point of sale nearest to their residence, send an email to [email protected] indicatingthe city where you live.

I have lost the booklet of instructions for my INJUSA product, you can send me a new one?

You can request a new book of instructions to [email protected] and we will forward you the .pdf version

I would like to become a distributor of unfair, with who I need to contact?

Please use the contact of this Web page.

Can I send my order internationally?

You can only receive orders in national territory under the conditions of delivery that applies unfair, although you canrequest information on the costs of international orders in [email protected]

Can also be an express delivery?

Yes, you can request an express delivery provided that you accept some costs of this service and who will instruct you inthe time of the purchase.

Does the INJUSA store other forms of payment, apart from the payment by credit card?

Yes, you can make payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

My INJUSA toy has been broken, does the warranty cover the replacement?

It covers provided the break has not occurred by failure to follow the instructions for use, by misuse of the product, orlack of maintenance.

Do you can send my defective product for repair (warranty or payment invoice)?

INJUSA has an international network of service in each country where INJUSA toys and that can provide service and attention post-sale are distributed. Normally when an article is defective and the claim occurs during the warranty period is replaced by a new free of charge for the customer, although you must previously be measured by INJUSA staff who will be determined if you send the product to be repaired or we send you the replacement. If it has fulfilled the warranty period and the defective part it can be repaired, part costs and shipment will be made at the customer's expense. For the point of service that corresponds to your country please send an email to [email protected]

I have bought a product INJUSA a merchant and is defective. Do I address myself directly to INJUSA in case ofguarantee?

Yes, send an email to [email protected] or call us at (+ 34) 965 55 08 62 indicating the complain, your data and pictures showing the product or defective part. We will send the defective part.

Where can you find spare parts?

In our shop you can find spare parts, although if you are looking for spare parts in particular, you can request it through mail [email protected] send us the product reference number and number of cutting that you will find in the instruction sheet for the article. Where INJUSA find replacement, we will calculate you the cost of the piece more shipping cost, provided it is not covered by the warranty.

My product from INJUSA is defective. As it has been a gift, we do not have the receipt. Is it possible then thatcorresponds me the product warranty?

Unfortunately not. Claims can only be admitted with the receipt that serves as security for the guarantee. Also, send anemail to [email protected] and we will study your case.

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