Today we are talking about the tricycle, the star product for travelling parents or for those who want to incorporate a plus of activity to their weekend activities. Is your child unable to walk during the whole ride or is it impossible to keep him/her in the trolley for a long time? The tricycle can become your star product, it will be your inseparable companion for trips and outings with children.

Here are some of the ADVANTAGES that will make the tricycle your best ally and your child's favourite toy

- There are evolutionary tricycles like the City Orange that allow us to modify it to adapt it to the stage of growth of the little ones. They can be used from 6 months onwards and, over time, we will be able to adjust the back and seat, as well as the steering control to make it comfortable for children and parents.

- Our tricycles have bonnets or sunshades that will protect them from the sun, so that they can play outdoors safely.

- The tricycles allow them to be mobile but safe. The little ones will have activity, but parents will be able to control the route thanks to the steering control. Later on, when the children are older and require more autonomy, this control can be removed and the tricycle becomes totally independent.

- All Injusa tricycles are equipped with a bag, basket or carrier so that the child's belongings can be transported comfortably.

- Hydration is very important, especially in summer, so our tricycles have a bottle holder.

The tricycle will allow the child to combine activity times with rest and recuperation times, where parents can take them comfortably and efficiently. In the tricycle you will find a great ally as the outings will be twice as fun and much easier.

Now all you have to do is choose the model that best suits your needs and tastes. Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors in total tranquillity and comfort?

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